As the Fur Flies is a day spa for pampered pets in the heart of Austin. We work with all breeds and ages of dogs and cats. Our groomers are trained and experienced in handling puppies and kittens up to elderly pets and those with behavioral issues with kindness. We collaborate with you, the pet owner, to get exactly the look you love, while making sure your pet is comfortable, safe, and healthy.

We carry a variety of unique products that are handmade from small businesses, including pick-up bag holders, pet cologne, collar bandannas, hand sanitizer holders, and pet-themed key chains.

Our number one goal is to have pets leave us happier and better groomed than when they walked in. Most of the time, we ask for about 3 hours turnaround time for a grooming appointment. This gives us time to get acquainted with the pet and not rush through the process. This is especially important if there is any part of the grooming process the pet is not comfortable with, such as the blow dryer or having their nails trimmed. However, we do also offer express services for pets that need to get in and out more quickly, such as elderly pets or those with health issues. We like to tailor our services to each pet so that everyone leaves happy and is excited to return to us!