Do I Really Need a Professional Groomer?

So your dog needs a haircut. Now to ask yourself, am I capable of taking on this task myself, or should I hand him off to the professional? Sometimes you might be able to trim your pup up by yourself, simply snipping a few hairs here or there. But for larger tasks, such as shaving down or hand scissoring an original cut that best suits your pet, a professional may need to be involved.

A professional will know breed specific haircuts to best suit your dog, or you can discuss together what will look best on your pooch, while also allowing them to function and feel their best! Of course, groomers love it best when you regularly brush and maintain your dog in between shop visits. That makes it easiest and as puts as little stress as possible on us, as well as your pooch! If your pet is matted (their fur is tangled into thick knots) it is best to bring it to a professional groomer for the first instance, so we can remove them, whether it be shaving or brushing (depending on the severity), and then we can send them home with you feeling much better, with some tips to help prevent that from happening again!

For example, problems such as dandruff, itchy skin, fleas, shedding, etc. can be treated here at the Salon! We love to help your pet in any way we can, and we definitely understand not wanting to deal with that yourself! Even when your pet gets themselves in a sticky situation and they get caught on the losing side between them and a skunk, we’ve got the products and tools here to help that stinky process move along a little smoother and quicker.

At As the Fur Flies, we believe that regular visits to a professional is a proactive way to help keep your furry friend looking and feeling its best. Remember, nail trims are included with any service here, and we would love to discuss a maintenance program with you, answer any questions you have, recommend the best products to use on your pet, and keep them in tip top shape! We are happiest when you and your dog are! :)