Grooming Shop Etiquette

We all love our fur babies. We want to make sure they are well taken care of, vaccinated, groomed regularly, with plenty of good food and exercise. But there are also other ways in which to make sure not only your pet, but other parents’ little (or big) ones, stay safe while in and outside any grooming salon, vet clinic, or pet store you may visit.

When entering a shopping center or parking lot where there are not only people but four legged friends about, take extra precaution and be patient as people are attempting to get pets out of or back into their vehicle before or after their day at the spa.

After entering a pet shop, grooming salon, vet office, etc, it is always best to stop, take a moment and check inside before opening the business door, making sure that there are no other people with their pets loose. Then make sure to SECURELY close the door behind you. We (and other pet businesses) ask that our clients please keep all pets secure on a leash or in a carrier while in the lobby during check in. This reduces the chances of a pet getting out the front door when another person is entering. Please be cautious whenever entering any facility where there are animals present.

At As the Fur Flies, we have leads ready and waiting for use in the event that someone forgets or was just in a rush and couldn't find their pet’s leash before their appointment. We completely understand! That is why we keep them available as soon as you walk through the front door on the hooks to your left. The safety of your pet is 100% the most important thing while they are in our care.