Your Puppy's First Groom!

It’s finally here. The Day. The Day your family has been waiting for for weeks, months, maybe even years. The Day you welcome your new furry family member into your home. It’s exciting, it’s nerve wracking, and you keep checking with yourself over and over: “Do I have the right bed? Crate? Did I schedule their vet appointment? Do I have enough food? Did I do EVERYTHING I need to do to make sure my new baby will be successful in my home?” The time and research we put into making sure we start off on the right foot with our new companion is unparalleled. When it comes to proper food, exercise, and socialization there is a plethora of information available to new pet parents. But what about grooming?

The way we raise and take care of our dogs has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. The “outside dog” is a less common concept in our society,and it’s far more frequent for pet parents to be sharing their couches and beds with their furbabies, which makes it much more important for pets to be clean and maintained. No one wants a dirty dog in their bed!  Although everyone wants a clean dog, sometimes the thought behind how we get pets clean gets overlooked. It’s standard practice to take your puppy to the vet before their first appointment to meet the staff, and get lots of treats, but do you know you can do the same at a grooming salon?


New sensations and experiences can be overwhelming at times for a little puppy, and getting groomed is the most uniquely bizarre experience your dog will go through. They will be held in ways they aren’t held anywhere else, and hear sounds they won’t hear anywhere else. Unlike the vet’s office, you likely won’t be here with your dog during their groom, which is even more disconcerting for them. That’s why we love it  so much when pet parents bring their puppies in to meet us before they get groomed! We hand out tasty treats and sit on the floor with your pup to say hello, and so they can leave thinking “Oh! That was the fun treat place!” You can bring your puppy as soon as they’ve had their second round of shots for this experience. 

We also suggest our “Puppies First Groom!” package for our new furbabies. It’s applied to dogs up to 5 months, and isn’t a full haircut, more like an introduction to grooming. We use positive association and rewards to get your puppy comfortable with being handled, brushed, bathed and dried. We’ll also do some light trimming around your puppy’s face, feet, and fanny to make them look nice and neat, as well as for the experience. 

You can also get your puppy used to grooming at home! Light and gentle brushing, bathing, and blow drying with a blow dryer on a low setting can help ease your puppy into the experience. Playing with your puppy’s paws and nails while providing a tasty treat makes the encounter a fun time instead of a scary one! 


ATFF is here to help answer any questions you have about puppies and their grooming. We provide puppy and adult dog desensitization here in the building, and we have trainers on staff who can come to your residence and give you more thorough advice if you’d like! 

Just come on by to schedule an appointment, or call us at (512) 502-5112! We want to help you and your puppy towards the track to success!! 

-Team ATFF