How Your Pet Gets Groomed at As the Fur Flies - Austin, Texas Grooming Salon

We get a lot of questions from pet owners about what goes on behind the scenes while their pets are getting groomed. Here are some of our tools and safety measures that we have in place to ensure every pet is secure and happy while in our care.

The Purple Lobby Fence: The fence that divides the reception area from the waiting area in the lobby is intended to keep pets safe, not to keep pet owners out! You are always welcome to come back to the grooming rooms to see us in action. We just added the fence as a barrier to keep a pet from running out the front door.

Cages: We have wire crates that we use as needed for safety purposes. We try to get pets in and out as quickly as we can and minimize any time they spend in a crate, but we do take our time with the pets and sometimes they will spend some time in a cage. Whenever possible, we have them loose in the grooming room or reception area with one of our staff, but safety is always our #1 concern.

Potty Time: We have a small fenced yard off the side of the building (behind the outdoor purple fence) where we can take dogs out to go potty safely on leash. We have a large piece of fake grass carpeting out there to help keep their paws clean if they’ve already had their bath. We do still ask that you make sure they go to the bathroom at home before you head to your appointment, but we realize there’s not much space to walk them safely off the parking lot, so just let us know if you think they’ll need to go and we’ll take them right outside.

Essential Oils: We use veterinarian-approved essential oils in a diffuser or on ourselves to help maintain a calm, relaxing environment for the pets - even cats. We regularly consult with our vet, Dr. Janet Roark, about which oils are most effective and safe for the animals in our care. We do not use the oils directly on the pets, although you certainly can. If you’re interested in purchasing the same essential oils we use in the salon, please use our link:

Drying: We dry pets first with a towel (or 2), followed by a hand-held, high-velocity, variable speed dryer as much as possible. The dryer gets warm, but not hot. It helps give the groom a better finish, breaks up packed undercoat and tangles, and makes the appointment go much more quickly. We use Happy Hoodies to help soothe pets that are nervous about the dryer. If a pet truly does not tolerate being dried by hand, we allow them to air dry in a kennel with a fan that recirculates room-temperature air. We never use a heated kennel dryer, and all pets that are air drying are continuously monitored in an open wire crate that allows complete air flow.   

Do you have other questions about what goes on at the salon? Drop us a text at (512) 985-7766 and we’ll get right back to you!

Press Release - Austin's Cats and Dogs are in for a treat

Press Release - For immediate Release

Austin’s Cats and Dogs are in for a treat

Austin, TX - November 29, 2018: Proudly announcing the recent opening of “As the Fur Flies” - a day spa for pampered pets in the heart of the Eastside in Austin, Texas. The pet grooming salon is geared towards dogs and cats of all breeds and ages, as well as those with disabilities or behavioral issues.

As The Fur Flies is dedicated to making the grooming visit a pleasant one for any pet. Each pet visit is tailored so he or she feels comfortable during the process and leaves relaxed and happy. Only state-of-the-art equipment is used for maintaining and grooming the coat, skin, nails and ears. Appointments are scheduled so the expert groomers have plenty of time to deeply interact with the animal and allow time for them to get used to the environment, equipment and procedures the animal might be afraid of. There is no rushing of clients through appointments.

Besides being a destination for pampered dogs, the salon is also specialized in cats. Cats have different grooming needs than dogs and that’s why the staff at As The Fur Flies are experts in cat grooming as well. They are allowing plenty of time and patience so their cat clients leave happy, relaxed and clean. Last but not least, pet owners can relax as well since As The Fur Flies has large windows and doors looking into the grooming area where at any point, the pet owner can observe the appointment through a window. Pet owners are also welcome to stay to observe the grooming process at any time if they wish.

An in-store and an online boutique offers unique products that are handmade from small businesses, including customized collars and keychains to specialized dog cologne and dental spray.

Founder Nancy Rich came up with the idea for As the Fur Flies when she was a student at the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology over 16 years ago. Since then, she has worked in a variety of salons and has managed a boarding kennel. While she mainly manages the business side of the salon, she also specializes in working with cats.

As The Fur Flies is open Monday - Saturday from 9am-5pm; appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcomed as well. Location is 2801 E. 5th Street in Austin. p: 512.502.5112