Best ways to brush your dog and what dog brushes to use.

Brushing your dog’s coat is an important part of canine maintenance and serves many functions. Not only does it eliminate tangles and mats, but it keeps their coat looking vibrant and beautiful! Regular brushing massages and lubricates your pet’s skin by activating and distributing the natural oils in your dog's fur. It also works wonders in keeping pesky pet hair away from your clothing and furniture.

However, different breeds of dogs should be using different types of brushes. You wouldn’t brush a Poodle the same way you brush a Pug after all! If your dog is showing visible signs of discomfort during regular groomings, it could be a sign you need to change your brush.

There are four main types of brushes to choose from when it comes to grooming your dog at home: slicker brushes, rakes, curries,and pin brushes.

Slicker brushes - ideal for curly or medium to long haired dogs:

Slicker Brush

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes have fine, short wires close together on a flat surface. They are used on medium-to-long-haired or curly-haired dogs to remove mats. Slicker brushes are used on a variety of longer-haired breeds that are more prone to developing mats. Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, and St. Bernards are some breeds that would benefit from a slicker brush!

Rakes - ideal for thick-haired dog breads

Rake Brush

Rake Brush

Rakes are designed with tightly packed rows of inflexible pins to penetrate into a dog’s thick coat and remove tangles and the dead undercoat near the dog’s skin. They are best suited for thick-haired breeds that tend to frequently shed. German Shepherds, Malamutes, and Chow Chows require rakes that match their coat length to remove shedding and excess fur without irritating the skin below.

Curry Brushes - ideal for short-haired, smooth-coated dogs prone to shedding:

Rake Brush

Rake Brush

Currybrushes are used on short-haired, smooth-coated dogs that are prone to shedding. These brushes are made of rubber or plastic fingers meant to remove loose hair. Pugs, Italian Greyhounds, Jack Russell Teriers, and Boston Terriers do best with curry brushes to keep their coats well-maintained and healthy looking.

Pin Brushes - a nice addition for a well groomed dog:

Pin Brushes are oval-shaped collections of flexible wires with pins on top - similar to human brushes! They are the least effective of dog brushes, most commonly used to keep shedding under control, or add some extra shine and fluff to an already groomed dog. Pin brushes as well as flea combsshould be used in addition to regular brushing with the other, more effective, brushes.

Brushing is important but a full-service grooming appointment is essential

If you’re still unsure of what brush would best suit your pet, contact us today for extra guidance! While brushing is something that can be done from home, it’s never a bad idea to bring your pet into the professionals for a full-service grooming. Your pet deserves the best, and we at As the Fur Flies want to help provide it. To schedule an appointment with our expert groomers click here >>