It's time for a spring clean

It's time for a spring clean:

As spring time nears closer here in Austin, TX, it's time to start thinking about a spring cleaning - and we don’t mean your house! Your furry friend is probably in need of a new spring grooming! Once their ears have been cleaned, their nails have been trimmed, their fur has been washed and cut, they’ll look and feel fabulous!

Getting Ahead of the Shed:

With the weather warming up here in Austin, TX, you will start to notice your pets shedding their winter coats. To help cut down on the shedding at home, you can brush regularly with a brush or a deshedding tool, bathe and scrub with shampoo and conditioner specifically for a pet, a complete shave down and a good message to shake off any of the loose furs. Bringing your pet in to be professionally groomed can also help with that pesky winter shed.

Beat the Heat:

Their new cut will also keep them a lot more comfortable headed into the warm Texas spring weather. Extreme heat can pose a real threat to longer haired animals, especially when their fur is not kept properly groomed. However, your pet is prone to sunburns, just like you. That’s why it's best to avoid home shaves and stick with the professionals. Bring your pet to us and we’ll make sure they get the healthiest, best looking cut for them specifically!

Best the Pests:

Not only does a spring cut fight against shedding and the hot weather, it helps you identify fleas, ticks, and other pests. With the warmer weather just around the corner here in Austin / Texas, comes increased insect activity. A shorter cut to start the season makes it easier for you to identify and treat bites as they occur.

After spending these past winter months inside, treat your pet to a fresh new start for the season.  Keep in mind, we offer a wide range of grooming services. Whether you and your pet are ready to deep clean for the spring, or they just need a bath and a nail clipping, we’re here to help.

Please reach out with any questions! Our team of expert dog and cat groomers are looking forward meeting you and your furry friend!

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Stop and smell the Bluebonnets - Enjoying Texas Spring

Stop and smell the Bluebonnets - Enjoying Texas Spring

Our most recent press release: Austin’s Pet Salon ‘As the Fur Flies’ pampers pets of elderly in the community

Austin, TX - January 28, 2019: Local East Austin pet salon, As the Fur Flies, provides their pet grooming services to pets of older and disabled homebound citizens that have no means of bringing their pets to a salon. As the Fur Flies works closely with PALS (Pets Assisting the Lives of Seniors), a program provided by the non-profit, Meals-on-Wheels Central Texas. 

As the Fur Flies is an Austin-based pet grooming salon for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages, as well as those with disabilities or behavioral issues. They teamed up with PALS to provide grooming services for pets in the greater-Austin area whose owners are older and are homebound. Over the last few months, As the Fur Flies has taken care of 17 pets so far through this program.  
Founder of the salon, Nancy Rich, is very passionate about this relationship: “Dogs and cats are more than just our pets, they’re our friends and family. The animals we take care of bring a lot of comfort and companionship to their owners, so they deserve to be pampered every once in a while. We love working with such a great organization!”
PALS provides a variety of caregiving services for pets that belong to the program’s elderly and disabled clients. They prepare free dog and cat food as well as provide veterinary care and social interaction to almost 500 pets in the greater-Austin area. Through PALS and their volunteer partners such as As the Fur Flies, pets get the food and care they need and their clients, many of whom are socially isolated, benefit from interaction with our pet-loving volunteers. For more information, visit
As The Fur Flies is open Monday - Saturday from 9am-5pm; appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcomed as well. Location is 2801 E. 5th Street in Austin. p: 512.985.7766

Finding the best pet groomer in Austin, Texas

For pet owners in Austin, TX, bath time often means back aches, headaches, and a whole bunch of wrestling with your furry friend. While some grooming chores can be done at home, more demanding tasks may require a professional. But finding the right groomer isn’t easy; you should take the time to visit a few salons in your Austin neighborhood and groomers to make sure you find one you trust. After all, a grooming session can take up to a couple hours, so you should feel comfortable in picking an environment that is safe and sterile for your dog or cat. To help you get started on your research, we have some tips for you to keep in mind when choosing the right pet groomer.

Check their Credentials

While groomers are not required to be certified, those who can provide assurance of ongoing training will offer some peace of mind for you as a pet parent. Safety certification should be a primary concern. In addition, you should inquire how long the business has been running and if the groomer has experience with your pet’s specific breed, as they have different temperaments, coats, skin types and general grooming needs.

Ask to Tour the Salon

our pet salon in austin Texas

Before making a final decision, consider taking a tour of the salon. While the lobby should be well-lit and clean, pay attention to the areas that are typically “behind the scenes.” Does it smell? Are the cages dirty? It is especially loud? While some barking is expected, a lot of it might indicate a high-stress environment. Keep in mind that if the salon caters to both cats and dogs, they should ideally be kept in separate rooms. Cats are usually scared of loud noises and barking, so doing this ensures that the salon prioritizes the animal’s safety and comfort. Take a peek at the cleaning areas, as well. They should be sterile and cleaned regularly, as it can be a hotspot for animals to develop any skin infections or illnesses.

Listen to your intuition (and your pet’s!)

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior after a grooming session. Are they particularly anxious or inactive? These may be caused by a high-stressed or uncomfortable environment. During your next visit, pay attention to how the groomer interacts with your pet before the appointment. If your furry friend is stressed, does the groomer take the time to comfort them and address their needs? Observing other animals in the grooming facility and their behavior could also indicate whether the pet salon is a safe space for your pet.

When choosing the right dog or cat groomer, every pet parent wants to feel safe and confident in their choice. We hope you keep these thoughts in mind as you search for the right groomer in your Austin neighborhood, so your dog or cat comes home happy and feeling their best!

As the Fur Flies is a pet salon for cats and dogs in Austin, TX. We welcome walk-ins but prefer appointments. Call us today to schedule!