"Cats Groom Themselves"

The common belief is that cats are self cleaning. And, yes, they do lick themselves all day long. But is that really clean? And, more importantly, is that really “well-groomed?”

Cats’ mouths are filthy. If you have ever known someone who has been bitten by a cat, it likely was a painful experience that resulted in a trip to the doctor and some heavy-duty antibiotics. When they groom themselves, they are essentially bathing in their own filthy saliva. And then they’re lying on your couch (or pillow) with you.

Cats’ coats are naturally fairly oily, and they produce a lot of dander. They deposit this oil and dander everywhere they lie, and they spend a lot of time lying around. Basically, that’s about all they do most of the time.


Cats ingest all that loose hair, natural oils, and dander while self-grooming. And then they throw it up in the form of hairballs on your stairs for you to step in.

So, basically cats are filthy and disgusting, right? No! But they also shouldn’t be left to groom themselves if you want a happy, healthy, clean cat.

Professional grooming is possible for most cats that aren’t totally feral, and we know you will love the result! Your house will be cleaner, you cat will be softer and less oily and dirty, and you will know that you’ve done the best by your cat’s health that you can. As the Fur Flies owner, Nancy, has been grooming cats for over 10 years and is a member in good standing of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. She loves working with cats and cat owners to design a grooming solution perfect for each situation.

Give professional cat grooming a try; we know you’ll love having a clean, well-groomed cat!

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